GK12 is a NSF funded program that strives to develop a learning community among graduate students, middle and high school teachers, and their students. At UC Berkeley, our particular goal for was to expose urban children to the natural environment so they can gain a appreciation for biodiversity.

We taught at Adams Middle School in Richmond, CA. In addition to lessons on the scientific method and evolutionary biology, we brought students on field trips to the local park and to the Angelo Coast Range Reserve in Branscom, CA


Korea Gifted Student Science Class


A special program was created for high school students who excelled in and were interested in careers in the sciences. My role in this program was to provide biology lessons in English to these students. Lessons focused on evolutionary biology and introduced students to the biodiversity of Korea. Education in Korea is focused high test scores, so it was my personal goal to provide hands-on activities to generate excitement for learning and reinforce textbook lessons.

Below is a list of teaching and outreach projects that I have participated in over the years.

Cal Dayhttp://mvz.berkeley.edu/CalDay.html


For one day, the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology opens its doors to the public for outreach. We provided hands-on activities to teach the public about the environment, zoology, and the life of a researcher.

UC Berkeley Graduate Student Instructor


BIO1B (4 semesters): General Biology--introduced students to basic concepts in evolution, ecology, and plant & fungal diversity.

IB175 (1 semester): Herpetology-- upper division course in a series of zoology courses led mainly by the MVZ. The class includes learning to identify amphibians and reptiles of California, as well as field trips in California to Mendocino County and Death Valley

Longfellow Middle School Teacher’s Assistanthttp://longfellow.berkeley.k12.ca.us/


I was a teacher’s assistant in John Cohen’s 7th grade science classroom. Roles included developing and implementing lessons that met California education standards.

Fred Finch Youth Center Activities Coordinatorhttp://www.fredfinch.org/


As a team of four, we developed an educational program for abused and abandoned children and young adults. These lessons were hands-on and multi-disciplinary, touching on science, art, dance, and literature.

Egbert W. Beach Elementary School Teacher’s Assistanthttp://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/beach/


I was a teacher’s assistant in Stephanie George’s second grade classroom. My role was to help with lessons across all subjects.

Seoul National University


Biology 1: General biology (1st semester)

Biology 2: General biology (2nd semester)

Biodiversity & Environment: Major course introducing students to the diversity of life.

Phylogenetics: Graduate course

Scientific Writing: Graduate course

Lingnan University


CLD9008: Life Sciences: the way life works

CLD9015: Understanding evolution

CLD9018: Natural history of Hong Kong